Do you desire to help immigrants gain greater opportunity?

Did you know that you can make a life-changing difference in the plight of an immigrant’s legal status? 

Track 3 - Providing Legal Services is for any church or faith-based organization desiring to assist immigrants in their community. We believe that legal needs are the biggest hurdle for an immigrant to tackle. Many immigrants are self-sufficient, hard working individuals and yet most must rely on someone else to help them meet this particular need. 


Our Recommended Next Steps

  1. Review published materials on the Recognition and Accreditation Program (R&A) which is regulated by The Department of Justice (DOJ).
  2. Attend a basic immigration law training like ‘Immigrant Pathway Institute’’ that uses the ILRC publication “A Guide for Immigration Advocates”.
  3. Connect with the organizations in your community who are in the R&A Program and provide low-cost legal services to immigrants. Additionally, become a regular volunteer at one of these organizations.
  4. Reach out to immigration attorneys in your community and utilize their expertise by referring immigrants in need of their services.
  5. Connect with a DOJ accredited representative that will mentor you as you navigate the application process of the DOJ R &A Program.
  6. Gather funds and resources that will help launch your legal center.
  7. Become a member of the The Immigration Alliance. 

Are you interested in any of our recommended next steps? Contact us today for a consultation. We are thrilled to offer consulting to anyone in regards to Track 1 - Mobilizing Churches at no cost. For our TIA members only we will provide consulting on any of the tracks, including Track 3.