Do you share God’s love for immigrants? 

Are you wondering how can you tangibly express God’s love to immigrants? Do you know the unmet needs of immigrants in your community? 

Track 2 - Cultivating Relationships is for any church or faith-based organization that desires to meet the unmet needs of im- migrants in their community. There are many services that you can provide today that would enhance your church’s relationship with your immi- grant neighbors. These ser- vices do not require that you go through the Recognition and Accreditation program. 


Our Recommended Next Steps

  1.  Identify a local organization that is already serving immigrants and lead a team to volunteer with this organization.
  2. Invite a local leader in immigrant ministry to speak at your church.
  3. Serve as an information and referral center. Join with immigrants on their journey for answers to questions related to physical, mental, or spiritual needs.
  4. Provide transitional services. ESL classes, youth literacy programs, and citizenship classes are just some examples of transitional services.
  5. Equip immigrants to act on their own. There are many resources/tools that you can legally distribute/present (i.e. Know Your Rights) to immi- grants even if you do not have a law degree or DOJ recognition/ accredi- tation (R&A).
  6. Become a member of The Immigration Alliance. 

Are you interested in any of our recommended next steps? Contact us today for a consultation. We are thrilled to offer consulting to anyone in regards to Track 1 - Mobilizing Churches at no cost. For our TIA members only we will provide consulting on any of the tracks, including Track 2.