TIA's Track System

Since The Immigration Alliance was founded in 2015 we have had the fortunate opportunity to speak with several hundreds of church and community leaders across the nation. From our interactions we have found two things:

(1) Providing low-cost legal services to under-resourced immigrants meets a niche need that opens a door for life-changning engagement with immigrants

(2) Some churches/organizations can not sustainably operate a legal center however these churches/organizations deeply desire to offer some type of transitional services to immigrants

Therefore, we created the TIA Track Systems which provides any church/organization with a list of recommended next steps based on their current ability and interest. Furthermore, our recommendations for all three tracks are available to anyone at no cost. And we would be thrilled to provide additional consulting to anyone in regards to Track 1 - Mobilizing Churches at no cost. For our TIA members only we will provide consulting on any of the tracks. See below for more information about the three tracks.


Track 1 - Mobilizing Churches

Right now immigration is a hot topic, especially, in the political landscape. However immigration at its core is about people. Did you know that God commands his followers to love immigrants? 

Mobilizing Churches is for any church or faith-based organization that is just start- ing to turn their gaze upon immigrants. You might decide one day to expand your delivery of services or right now the only conceivable step is to focus on thinking biblically about immigration – isn’t that the first step in any worthy direction for God’s followers.


Track 2 - Cultivating Relationship

Do you share God’s love for immigrants? Are you wondering how can you tangibly express God’s love to immigrants? Do you know the unmet needs of immigrants in your community? 

Cultivating Relationships is for any church or faith-based organization that desires to meet the unmet needs of im- migrants in their community. There are many services that you can provide today that would enhance your church’s relationship with your immi- grant neighbors. These ser- vices do not require that you go through the Recognition and Accreditation program. 


Track 3 - Providing Legal Services

Do you desire to help immigrants gain greater opportunity? Did you know that you can make a life-changing difference in the plight of an immigrant’s legal status? 

Providing Legal Services is for any church or faith-based organization desiring to assist immigrants in their community. We believe that legal needs are the biggest hurdle for an immigrant to tackle. Many immigrants are self-su cient, hard working individuals and yet most must rely on someone else to help them meet this particu- lar need.