Right now immigration is a hot topic, especially, in the political landscape.


However immigration at its core is about people. Did you know that God commands his followers love immigrants?

Track 1 - Mobilizing Churches is for any church or faith-based organization that is just start- ing to turn their gaze upon immigrants. You might de- cide one day to expand your delivery of services or right now the only conceivable step is to focus on thinking biblically about immigration – and isn’t that the first step in any worthy direction for God’s followers. 


Our Recommended Next Steps 

  1. Form a biblical perspective. What does the bible say about immigrants?
  2. Chat with a TIA member that has a intentional, dynamic immigrant ministry.
  3. Get to know an immigrant. Chat with an immigrant who attends one of our member’s churches or watch stories about immigrants.
  4. Assess the existing landscape of immigrant ministry in your community. Who are the immigrants in your community? What are their needs?
  5. Read what your peers are saying about immigration. Many churches and faith-based organizations have released a statement on immigration.
  6. Research the things churches should know about immigration law.
  7. Learn about the community-based and faith-based organizations that are leading the way for immigrant ministry
  8. Become a member of the The Immigration Alliance. 

Are you interested in any of our recommended next steps? Contact us today for a consultation. We are thrilled to offer consulting to anyone in regards to Track 1 - Mobilizing Churches at no cost. For our TIA members only we will provide consulting on any of the tracks.