Detention Conditions for Children

I’m not a republican or democrat, I’m a Christian committed to righteousness and justice.
— Reverend Samuel Rodriguez

The crisis at the Southern Border is not beyond your reach. You can help and you must consider helping. There are many options that you have: Pray, give, act, or serve

I have tried to grasp what is happening in South Texas – as if it is possible. In one recent podcast the leader of a large non-profit organization shared, “Its difficult to know what is true and therefore a psyche numbing often yields way.” Friend, might that be happening to you? Might you be pulling away, unsure what to do?

About a month ago we re-posted a video by Russell Moore President of the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention. The video, Immigration: Borders Are Biblical, explained that the current state of the USA border lends way to exploitation of humans. In result humans are exposed and vulnerable, and it is the Church's responsibility to step in a care for these men, women, and children - as is written in Deuteronomy, Zechariah, and many Old Testament prophet and law books.

Yes, there are conflicting reports in the media and yet the Department of Homeland Security has concerns for agents and detainees. Related to this report, check out this interview of Reverend Samuel Rodriguez on Fox News in which he debriefs after a visit to a Texas border detention center.


Therefore, The Immigration Alliance joined the Evangelical Immigration Table (EIT) and several other denominations and organizations by adding our name on a letter sent to the White House and Congressional leaders, expressing concerns about the well being of children and families seeking asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border.

You too can sign this letter by clicking on this link here.

I began this post attempting to understand the crisis on the Southern Border. I don’t know if one can understand it yet I was able to forfeit my discontent through prayer. Join me and pray for the churches who are trying to find ways to help asylum seekers upon their release. Join me and pray for the agents and detainees. Remember that some asylum seekers will need to hear the hard yet honest truth that they do not have a path to legal residency or citizenship and must return home - pray for them that they hear truth and that they are not misguided or taken advantage of financially.

Additionally, the EIT has posted an list of organizations that you can donate to. We also are connected to churches and organizations on the border, including Immigrant Hope McAllen. And some larger organizations would be Lutheran Immigration and Refugee Services or RAICES Texas.

Most of all, please do not be a dispenser of hurtful words or inaccurate words.