Repost: Love Thy (Immigrant) Neighbor

Recently TIA staff member, Emily Fontenot, collaborated with TIA member, Evangelical Free Church of America, on a blog post, Love Thy (Immigrant) Neighbor: A review of the Netflix documentary, "Out of Many, One".

The documentary includes interviews from immigrants taking a course that will prepare them for the English and civics tests required to naturalize (to become a US citizen). Other footage included in the film captures immigrants along the journey toward citizenship, ending with a swearing in ceremony that will quicken your heart!

Along with offering a review of the film, the blog post also offers practical steps that one can take towards loving their immigrant neighbor - whether or not they watch the film. Emily’s approach is to begin first with the bible and next with listening (to your immigrant neighbors). “Humbly asking questions to learn from an immigrant helps dispel misconceptions that we automatically, unknowingly, intuitively form.”

The Evangelical Free Church of America has been a long-time partner and member of ours. Additionally, their program, Immigrant Hope, has helped provide crucial training and guidance to our members and many others in the field.

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