The Immigration Alliance (TIA) was founded to help TIA members take their next steps towards engaging immigrants in their community. TIA's National Network is made up of churches and organizations that are intentionally serving immigrants, including many who are entering (or already included in) The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Recognition and Accreditation (R&A) program. For a small annual fee TIA members receive access to TIA member-only services and discounts.  Our Board of Directors ensure that the delivery of our services as well as the cost of our services specifically accommodates churches and faith-based organizations. TIA also partners with organizations who operate on a regional and national level and who desire for their local affiliates to have access to our services. In fact, TIA was founded by a handful of national organizations that came together under a common set of beliefs and values so that together their efforts toward welcoming and serving immigration could jointly be strengthened.

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Becoming a member of TIA provides a variety of opportunities to help you along the pathway of providing for the needs of immigrants in your community. Click here or see below for a list of our services.



There are three types of membership with The Immigration Alliance:

  • National (designed for organizations with members scattered throughout the USA) Contact us for the cost of national membership. 
  • Regional (designed for organizations with members clustered around a specific geographic region). Contact us for the cost of regional membership. 
  • Local (designed for a single organization or church that may or may not be affiliated to a national or regional organization) Cost of local membership is $250 per year.

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Member-only services:

  • Access to utilizing the TIA brand and TIA’s marketing pieces.
  • Discounts to events, trainings, and specialty services provided by TIA and its partner organizations.
  • Access to resources that will equip your ministry to take any of TIA’s Recommended Next Steps in immigrant ministry as outlined in Tracks (1, 2, 3, or 4).
  • Counseling on TIA’s Recommended Next Steps in immigrant ministry - Tracks (1, 2, 3, or 4).
  • Coaching from  field experts and immigration attorneys on best practices in providing services to immigrants.
  • Case-by-case insights for inquiries to selected legal questions.

Member-only discounts: 

  • The Immigrant Practitioner Helpline* (attorney to subscriber legal assistance, a requirement of the DOJ R&A program) Cost is $500 per year.
  • DOJ R&A Application Consulting* (one-on-one technical assistance) Cost is $500.
  • Immigrant Pathway Institute (Immigrant Hope Basic Immigration Law training)

*Services only available to TIA members