Where to go when looking for legal representation

The United States Department of Justice (DOJ) has several helpful resources for anyone seeking to find legal representation. We recommend the following tools on their website:

The Recognition and Accreditation Roster (webpage): Search by state of alphabetical name every person or organization who is approved to provide legal advice to immigrants. These organizations primarily serve low-income immigrants in the US. 

Read This Before You Take Legal Advice (PDF): The DOJ produced the document to educate immigrants seeking legal advice. Unfortunately there are many people seeking to scam immigrants in the US. This document provides helpful tips.  

AILA's Immigration Lawyer Search: This service, which is provided by American Immigration Lawyers Association, will help you find an immigration attorney located near you. We recommend using this search if you are unable to locate a DOJ Recognized Organization near you - and please let us know if you need help locating one. 

Also, you can contact us to find a low-cost legal service provider near you.


Where to go to learn about changes to immigration law

There are many voices at the table when it comes to interpreting changes to immigration law. If you learn about changes to immigration law from watching television or listening to radio, we recommend that you seek a summary of the legal changes from a reliable nonpartisan and non advocacy source. We recommend two organizations who efficiently and accurately provide summaries and interpretations on matters affecting immigration law: Immigrant Legal Resource Center and Catholic Legal Immigration Network. Also, these two organizations also offer great resources for immigrants and their families who are at-risk for deportation. 

Additionally, follow us on Facebook or join our mailing list. In response to some changes to immigration law, we will issue press releases, formal statements, or letters that include our response to changes, our interpretation of the changes, and how you can personally respond to the changes. 


Where to go to connect with other leaders serving immigrants?

If you are just starting out, send us an email and request to: (1) be added to our mailing list and receive our monthly digest which includes recommended reading, media, and resources or (2) be included in one of our cohorts which gathers leaders by region or specific interest. These services are provided at no or little cost.

If you already provide legal services, we recommend that you consider subscribing to the Immigrant Practitioner Helpline (IPH), which joins people like you with immigration attorneys. IPH subscribers are able to easily and quickly connect with our team of immigration attorneys so that they can better serve their clients with legal questions. Check out more here.