The Immigrant Practitioner Helpline (IPH) is a technical support service connecting subscribers to immigration attorneys for on-the-spot information and problem solving.

The driving force behind the installment of IPH was to open wider the door of opportunity for ministry and faith-based organizations to engage their communities as recognized organizations of The Department of Justice (DOJ) by providing legal support to low-income, at-risk immigrants. Whether you have operated a legal center for several years or you are just getting started, weather you are connected to one immigration attorney or you are an immigration attorney, we believe that IPH is a necessary investment because it strengthens your ability to deliver accurate counsel to immigrants on matters that truly are life threatening and/or life altering. US immigration law is complex and complicated, yet by subscribing to IPH you will be connected to a team of experienced immigration attorneys sharing a wide array of knowledge in all aspects of immigration law. As they say, two is better than one, and when it comes to providing legal counsel to at-risk immigrants, your portfolio of experience in immigration law will make the difference between an immigrant's future home.

IPH is designed for immigrant practitioners who are accredited by the Department of Justice (DOJ) or who are applying to the DOJ for accreditation. The DOJ requires that recognized organizations have “access to adequate knowledge, information, and experience in immigration law and procedure.” IPH is designed to meet this requirement. IPH is not intended to serve as a Attorney-Client relationship.


Why subscribe?

“If I was an accredited representative I would jump at the opportunity to subscribe to IPH. When I started to practice immigration law, I was in great need of such support. In my opinion, besides tax law, immigration law, is the most difficult type of law to practice. Help is at your fingertips with IPH and I would highly recommend it for your sake, yet more importantly, for the safety of the immigrants that you are representing.”

Tony Ramos, Immigration Attorney