Our History

The Immigration Alliance (TIA) sprung forth in response to (1) God's call for all believers to love immigrants with Christian love and charity and (2) the growing need for immigrants to access affordable legal services. We believe that these two points are woven together. Point one is affirmed through study of the Bible and point two is best understood in the context of remarkable demographics.  

With more than 22 million foreign-born, non-citizens in the United States – and with only 13,000 private immigration attorneys and 900 non-profit immigration legal sites— the need for trustworthy legal services has never been greater. Immigrants are often targeted by unauthorized legal practitioners that prey on immigrants’ vulnerability. By contrast, churches are a trusted presence in immigrant communities that can, with proper training, help address this shortage of legal services. 

Since the Department of Justice (DOJ) established the Recognition and Accreditation (R&A) Program a pathway was provided for local pastors and local community leaders to legally engage immigrants who are in need of legal services. The Immigration system is not easy to navigate and for many reasons immigrants feel a right sense of fear. Yet, when provided the opportunity to access legal services from a trusted source like a local church or community center, many immigrants show up with great hope. This unique opportunity has truly opened wide doors for immigrants find truth in the earthly and heavenly realm. 

TIA was launched on October 21, 2014 and has since like most non profit organizations adjusted its mission and vision to better meet its target population, church and community leaders. Today TIA seeks to provides services to churches and organizations based on their capacity and interest.

Our Approach

We believe that through cultivating relationships among immigrants the Church might become an epicenter of multi-national welcome and community.

Our first step towards accomplishing this was through TIA's National Network, which is a network of churches and faith-based organizations that are intentionally serving immigrants, including many who are entering (or already included in) The Department of Justice’s (DOJ) Recognition and Accreditation (R&A) program. We provide counsel and coaching to members while also fostering coordination and collaboration between members, partners, and network immigration attorneys 

Since then we have established other services including:

  • The Immigration Practitioner Helpline (attorney to subscriber legal assistance, a requirement of the DOJ R&A program) 
  • R&A Application Consulting (one-on-one technical assistance) 
  • TIA's Three Tracks (personalized coaching on your next steps in immigrant ministry)

Whether you are just starting to consider and pray about reaching immigrants or you have an established, robust immigrant ministry, we will help you determine your next steps towards engaging your immigrant neighbors. The need is great and most importantly God's calling is clear.